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It's a hygienic, practical, timeless material and over time and with use it improves aesthetically. It's the only material allowed and used in professional kitchens for its unalterable hygiene over time, its non-deformability, its resistance and, not less important, for its easy maintenance. Steel has always been used for the manufacturing of tops, in high level kitchens; tops that are naturally assigned to process our food.



An element that collects and concentrates most of the functions and operations that take place in the kitchen. The top is a complete system,complex enough to turn actions that follow one another frantic in the course of a single day into someting harmonious, not forgetting everything that follows. It must ensure stability and maintain all its functions efficient over time: a superior assembly capacity and selected raw materials are intended to preserve these skills. Steel Time offers a wide range of solutions that can be integrated together to make the kitchen top the true centre of our kitchen, supplying the area with unique tools designed just for our customers needs.

DRIP EDGE Top with front, side and rear drip edge. Personalized solutions available.    …
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