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16 / 12 / 2011

Our new facility, an important goal but especially a new exciting starting point for the group's activities, hosted an inaugural event that has received numerous positive comments from the guests who were able to attend the event, local authorities and representatives of the government, renowned designers and architects, and flattering reviews from the most famous magazines.


The new, fascinating production reality of the Steel Time group had a great impact and has been able to impress thanks to the refinement of the shapes and the display's colours, to entice with a large buffet of local products and capture the attention through the guided tour inside the production area ending with a visit to the new showroom, where those present were able to touch and test the quality of our products. A heartfelt thank you to all those who were able to make this day exactly as Steel Time and all the people who are part of the group accounted for: a special and significant date.




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