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Steel Time has a new base. The same actors, the same enthusiasm, the same undiminished passion for one subject: steel, to mold again, through new projects, new researches, new technologies. In the middle of an industrial site, crowded with featureless factories, a new 'architecture with soul emerges, designed by Giancarlo Vegni.
"We wanted to show the DNA of the company also from the outside” - says Vegni – "a DNA inclined to innovation and research, through an architecture that would be a mould-breaker in the context where it is inserted."
The building has an irregular shape, where straight lines of cement meet with glass curves. The front part, linear, is a kind of perimeter facade that, at slightly more than half of its length opens in a portal ,continuing oblique to the bottom, to create an acute angle. Here appears from the angle gash a huge glass curve, that rises much higher and  accommodates within it the reception, the showroom and the offices. It stands out like a glittering crown almost as if born from the inside of the structure.
Its facet plays with the light reflections accentuating the contrast of the outline concrete left unfinished. From here, drowned in it, the Steel Time logo stands out, made in glossed steel, the material that is the essence and symbol of the firm. The interior design, moves the reception in a corner. It conceives it as a large sculpture made from scrap steel, enclosed in a rectangular glass. It leaves room for a big concrete curve that runs parallel to the outer one in glass, holding huge stairs also in steel.
The whole structure has a high ceiling,  linked continuously to the exterior design, which gives a sense of freedom, thanks to the light filtering through the outer curve, reaching each workstation.



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